Sebastien Windal

iOS developer

I've been writing iOS apps full time since 2011. I really enjoy nice looking, consumer facing applications. Nothing beats bringing to life in code a beautiful mobile design!

I am located in the SF bay area (San Mateo). Contact:

  • Masterclass

    MasterClass sits at the intersection of online education and entertainment with the mission to bring genius to the masses. Part of a small team (3-4 developers).
    Developed universal app (iPhone and iPad) and tvOS app.

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  • Restore Health

    Was the lead iOS engineer at Restore Health (Lean Labs, Inc.), a company with the ambitious goal of reversing metabolic syndrom with software and coaching. I am the only iOS developer there and fully responsible for the app wich has gone through dozens of different iterations and several major redesigns. I also give a hand with the Restore Health android app as needed...
    The app uses a combination of Obj-C and Swift (for new code), Realm DB, lots of custom charts, controls, etc...
    The app was designed by talented designer Ian Patterson. Worked closely with him to implement his sometimes challenging designs.

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  • Foodicted

    This is a small recipe app I have fully developed and designed in 2017 with the collaboration of a dietetician friend who provided most of the recipes. This app is coded 100% in swift. It also includes and iMessage extension.
    Various technologies and frameworks used include: Carthage, RealmDB, AlamoFire, etc...

    App Store
  • EasyCheffy

    This is a very simple video recipe app I fully designed and developed in 2016. This app is coded 100% in swift, consists of a instagram-like feed of auto-playing streaming recipes videos.
    Various technologies: Carthage, RealmDB, AlamoFire, AVFoundation, etc...

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  • MXMerchant

    Payment processing/inventory management product developed in 2014. Closely worked with talented designers and developed a suite of 3 different iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad.

    App Store
  • iDisciple

    I Was part of a team of 2 iOS developers, developed the first version of the iPhone and iPad app of this app in 2014. Some technologies used: RestKit, CoreData, etc...

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  • SpinSpin

    Designed and developed this app for myself in 2014 to make indoor spin classes less boring. Leverages CoreBlueTooth to chart heart rate, zones and cadence from Bluetooth sensors.

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And many others not worth mentioning...

I don't nearly do enough of those and I have not updated them in a while, but here are some of my modest open source contributions.


Core Graphics button intended to be used in navigation bar with nice animations between button type transition.

Featured on maniac dev on February 27, 2014.

Source Code


A REST client library to the Strava v3 API.

Built with AFNetworking and Mantle.

Source Code